Deciding on whether to buy a product like RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle or perhaps RING Chime? You’re in the right place as we’ll take you through all of the specs, features and look at the quality, pricing and reviews of both to help you make the decision on which one to go for.

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RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle vs RING Chime

RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle specs

RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle
RING Chime specs

RING Chime
Type: Smart doorbell

Type: Wireless doorbell chime

Compatible app: Ring app

Compatibility: iOS, Android & Windows

Compatibility: – iOS
– Android
– Windows 10
– MacOS

Works with: Ring Video Doorbell

Works with: – Samsung SmartThings
– Wink

Connectivity: WiFi

Connectivity: WiFi

Power: Mains

Power: Rechargeable battery



1.: – Adds chime function to the Ring Video Doorbell
– Unlimited pairing

1.: See who”s at the door and monitor your home when you”re not there

2.: – Do not disturb
– Volume controls

2.: Two-way audio lets you listen and talk to anyone on your property directly from your mobile device


3.: Instant mobile alerts when motion is detected

4.: Full HD 1080p wide-angle video

Colour: White

5.: Easily recharge the battery using the included power pack

Box contents: – Ring Chime
– US, UK & EU plugs


Dimensions: 94 x 68.6 x 88.9 mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 226 g

Colour: Satin & Venetian

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 1 year

Box contents: – Ring Video Doorbell 2
– Quick release rechargeable battery
– Interchangeable faceplate x 2
– Charging cable
– Installation hardware
– Quick set-up guide
– Wedge kit x 2
– Corner kit x 2

Dimensions: 129 x 62 x 27 mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 680 g

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 1 year

Price: £228.99

Price: £24.99

Number of Reviews:

Number of Reviews: 234

Review Score: 9.8 / 10

Review Score: 9.9 / 10

When deciding on whether to buy RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle or RING Chime, a very important consideration is the price. So we’re going to spend a bit of time looking at the price of both.

To start with, we looked at the price of the 147 products in the same category as RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle, which is the Smart Smart monitoring category. Of these 147 products the average price was £176.83, the most expensive was £1349 and the cheapest was just £5. We then looked at the price of the 147 in the same as the RING Chime, which of course the average was £176.83, top price was £1349 and cheapest £5.

We then looked specifically at the average price of products from Ring and Ring, the average was £197.37 for Ring, £197.37 for Ring. The max for each was £428/£428 and minimum was £20/£20

Price analysis of RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle

Price analysis of RING Chime

  • RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle
  • Check who’s at your door from your smartphone or tablet
  • Works with Samsung SmartThings
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Records in Full HD 1080p
  • Make your home smarter with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Sandstone Bundle.__________________________________________________Ring Video Doorbell 2The Ring Video Doorbell 2 allows you to monitor your home from wherever you are. Simply download the free Ring app to see, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere. The app delivers instant mobile alerts and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.You can see everything in detail as the doorbell offers Full HD 1080p wide-angle video. Live View gives you an on-demand look at your property, while the built-in microphone and speakers make it easy to communicate with anybody on your doorstep.Whether it’s night or day, the adjustable motion sensors notify you when movement is detected. Infrared night vision ensures that you can see everything at night, making it easy to monitor your home and keep it safe.__________________________________________________Amazon Echo Dot (2018) – SandstoneThe Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled smart speaker is even better than before. From playing music to providing you with news, weather information, football scores, cinema listings and loads more, the newly designed Echo Dot and its voice assistant Alexa is the perfect addition to any room.Echo Dot helps you stay connected with family and friends too. You can call anyone with an Echo Dot or just send a voice message to other Echo Dots in the house – perfect for getting everyone down to the table when dinner’s ready.Play your favourite music using just your voice through Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and other popular streaming services. If you’ve got other Echo devices in different rooms, you can fill your whole home with music – great if you’re having a party. You can even use it to listen to Audible books and radio stations, or pair it with Fire TV to get voice-control over films and shows.
  • Product codes: 852239005550
  • RING Chime
  • Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell
  • Provides an audible alert
  • Do not disturb function
  • Top features: – Never miss the doorbell again with unlimited Chimes around your home – Peace & quiet with do not disturb mode – Adjustable volume so it’s never too quiet or too loud Never miss the doorbell againIdeal if you’ve left your phone in another room, you’ll never miss the door again with Chime.The Ring Chime wirelessly pairs with the Ring Video Doorbell (sold separately) so you’ll not only receive an alert to your smartphone, but you’ll also get an audible alert from Chime.You can place an unlimited amount of Chimes around your home, making it suitable for homes of any size.Peace & quietFor night time and other periods you want peace and quiet, you can use the do not disturb function which is easily controlled via the smartphone app.Adjustable volumeControl the volume via the app and ensure the chime is never too loud or too quiet.
  • Product codes: 10852239005113

What’s better RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle or RING Chime?

There are obviously a number of differences between RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle and RING Chime, but there are several things that you can use when comparing the two. The first of these, which we’ve already covered, is price. Make sure you spend a bit of time deciding how much you are willing and able to spend on your product to really get a good idea if the £228.99 cost of RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle is closer to the expectation you had than the £24.99 pricep point of RING Chime.

Once you’ve nailed down everything there is to know on the price of both, the next step is to really study the reviews. Taking the time to read reviews of both will really help you to decide which is a better product between RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle and RING Chime. We looked at the reviews over at Currys PC World for both products and found that RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle scores out of 10 from reviews. Whereas RING Chime scores 7.7 out of 10 from 234 reviews.

It’s also really worthwhile spending the time to look at the key differences between the two products. For that you can use our comparison table about which looks at the main features of both products to give you a clear idea of where one product perhaps benefits over another. When comparing the two it’s a really good idea to have an idea in your mind of the key features that you need from your Smart Smart monitoring as this will help you to narrow down the products that do or don’t meet your criteria.

RING Video Doorbell 2 & Echo Dot (2018) Bundle

8.77 out of