Deciding on whether to buy a product like LOGITECH Harmony Hub or perhaps GOOGLE Home Mini? You’re in the right place as we’ll take you through all of the specs, features and look at the quality, pricing and reviews of both to help you make the decision on which one to go for.

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LOGITECH Harmony Hub vs GOOGLE Home Mini

LOGITECH Harmony Hub specs

LOGITECH Harmony Hub
GOOGLE Home Mini specs

GOOGLE Home Mini
Type: Smart universal remote

Type: Voice activated smart home device

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Compatibility: – iOS (8 or later)
– Android (Jelly Bean 4.2 or later)

Works with: – Amazon Echo & Echo Dot
– Ecobee thermostat
– Sonos speakers
– Apple TV
– Sky boxes
– Roku streaming stick
– Nest thermostat
– Nest Protect alarm
– Philips hue lighting
– SmartThings hub
– IFTTT controls

Compatible app: Google Home

Connectivity: – Bluetooth
– WiFi
– IR

Works with: – Nest
– Philips Hue lighting
– Samsung SmartThings
– Belkin WeMo

Power: Mains

Connectivity: WiFi


Power: Mains


1.: Control your home from your smartphone

2.: Link commands so you can control multiple devices with a single touch

1.: – Control smart home products with Google Assistant voice commands
– Dim the lights
– Turn up smart thermostats

3.: Control devices behind closed cabinets with wireless, bluetooth and IR connectivity

2.: Get weather, traffic, finance, news and sports updates


3.: Manage your schedule and set alarms, and reminders using your voice

4.: – Play, pause, and rewind TV hands-free
– Google Mini works with your Chromecast, so you can stream shows, movies, and music with just your voice

Colour: Black


Box contents: – Logitech Harmony Hub
– IR mini-blaster
– USB cable
– AC power adapter
– User documentation

Dimensions: 25.4 x 104.7 x 123.8 mm (H x W x D)

Colour: Chalk

Weight: 110 g

Box contents: Google Home Mini

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years

Dimensions: 42 x 98.4 x 98 mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 173 g

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years

Price: £34.99

Price: £49

Number of Reviews: 11

Number of Reviews: 2223

Review Score: 9.3 / 10

Review Score: 9.6 / 10

When deciding on whether to buy LOGITECH Harmony Hub or GOOGLE Home Mini, a very important consideration is the price. So we’re going to spend a bit of time looking at the price of both.

To start with, we looked at the price of the 147 products in the same category as LOGITECH Harmony Hub, which is the Smart Smart monitoring category. Of these 147 products the average price was £176.83, the most expensive was £1349 and the cheapest was just £5. We then looked at the price of the 147 in the same as the GOOGLE Home Mini, which of course the average was £176.83, top price was £1349 and cheapest £5.

We then looked specifically at the average price of products from Logitech and Google, the average was £67.92 for Logitech, £405.46 for Google. The max for each was £279.99/£1738 and minimum was £6.99/£29

Price analysis of LOGITECH Harmony Hub

Price analysis of GOOGLE Home Mini

  • LOGITECH Harmony Hub
  • All you need to get your smart home started
  • Connects all the smart devices around your home
  • Control all your smart home devices from your smartphone
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Top features: – Smart home universal remote for all your devices – Varied compatibility with a huge range of smart home devices – Link commands into Activities to control multiple devices with one touch Smart home universal remote Logitech’s Harmony Hub turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, so you can control all of your home entertainment and smart home devices without needing multiple remotes. Change channels and adjust the volume, control lights and adjust the thermostat – even when you’re not in the house. Varied compatibility The Harmony Hub is compatible with over 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices so you can connect with all your devices right out of the box. From your TV and games console to your smart lights, thermostats and even Amazon’s Alexa – the Harmony Hub works with a huge range of products. Link commands Using Harmony Activities you can combine controls into a single command – so you can simultaneously command your TV, wireless speakers and even your blinds to get ready for movie night. Harmony will automatically suggest everyday Activities and you can easily create your own.
  • Product codes: 50992060609819
  • GOOGLE Home Mini
  • Hands-free voice commands with Google Assistant
  • Control compatible smart home devices
  • Voice control music from streaming services with integrated speaker
  • Control your home using voice commands
  • Top features: – Listen to room-filling sound from your Google Home Mini- Keeps you informed and up to date with weather, traffic, sports updates and more- Control smart home products using your voice – Manage your schedule, set reminders, and set alarms – Stream TV shows and movies when paired with Chromecast – Receive answers to almost anything from Google AssistantListen to room-filling soundGoogle Home Mini, powered by Google, gives you dynamic sound that fills the room. Its speaker delivers 360¬∞ sound to bring your music to life, and can stream your music through your Google Assistant-compatible speakers.Keeps you informed and up to dateWant to know if you’ll need an umbrella the next time you head out? Ask Google, and Google Home Mini will let you know if any rain is expected. You can also get the latest sports, finance, news updates, and more.Control smart home productsTake control of your home using your voice with the Google Home Mini. With Google Assistant voice commands built-in, it lets you control your smart home gadgets hands-free.Use your voice to dim the lights, adjust smart thermostats, lock your front door, play music from WiFi-connected speakers, and more. Just say “OK Google” followed by your command, and Google Home Mini will take care of it.Manage your scheduleStay organised by asking Google to manage your schedule. Mark dates in your diary, set reminders, alarms, and more.Stream TV shows and moviesPlay, pause, and rewind TV hands-free, using your voice. Google Home Mini works with your Chromecast, letting you stream TV shows, movies, and music from compatible content providers and products.Receive answers to almost anythingGet even more from Google Assistant by asking Google anything. Ask for things such as translations, calculations, unit conversions, and anything else you want to know the answer to.Google Home Mini supports multiple users. That means it can give you a personalised experience by differentiating your voice from other people in your home. Just say “OK Google” and enjoy your own unique benefits from Google Assistant. ________________________________________________________________ Please note:- Google Home is optimised for selected music and audio services only. Subscriptions/payments may be required. – Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast.- Controlling your thermostat requires a compatible smart thermostat, and controlling your lights requires compatible smart lights.- Remember that even if you’re using Multi-user and Google Home should recognise your voice, a voice similar to yours or a recording of your voice might cause it to incorrectly identify someone else as you.
  • Product codes: 842776102348

What’s better LOGITECH Harmony Hub or GOOGLE Home Mini?

There are obviously a number of differences between LOGITECH Harmony Hub and GOOGLE Home Mini, but there are several things that you can use when comparing the two. The first of these, which we’ve already covered, is price. Make sure you spend a bit of time deciding how much you are willing and able to spend on your product to really get a good idea if the £34.99 cost of LOGITECH Harmony Hub is closer to the expectation you had than the £49 pricep point of GOOGLE Home Mini.

Once you’ve nailed down everything there is to know on the price of both, the next step is to really study the reviews. Taking the time to read reviews of both will really help you to decide which is a better product between LOGITECH Harmony Hub and GOOGLE Home Mini. We looked at the reviews over at Currys PC World for both products and found that LOGITECH Harmony Hub scores 7.3 out of 10 from 11 reviews. Whereas GOOGLE Home Mini scores 8.7 out of 10 from 2223 reviews.

It’s also really worthwhile spending the time to look at the key differences between the two products. For that you can use our comparison table about which looks at the main features of both products to give you a clear idea of where one product perhaps benefits over another. When comparing the two it’s a really good idea to have an idea in your mind of the key features that you need from your Smart Smart monitoring as this will help you to narrow down the products that do or don’t meet your criteria.

LOGITECH Harmony Hub

9.43 out of